Day 2: More VA

Hi there ya’ll from a new friend I made in Richmond, VA. Naturally, he lives at a muffler shop.


Lots and lots of picture-taking today but I didn’t get as far as I wanted to. I’m about a half day behind schedule already. One more day alloted for VA stuff & I’ve got the whole western half to go. Since it’s already 11:30pm, let’s get to the photos.

Here are some more goodies from Richmond — an Egyptian Revival temple (the Egyptian Building, now a VCU medical building). The early morning sun was not helping me here:


a fun plastic sign:


OK, so is it me (vegetarian & all) — or does this make you a little queasy? I don’t know if the “special” is just unappealing by itself or if it’s the juxtposition next to snowcone, the plastic jugs of syrup, and the wadded up paper towels or whatever it is.


Passenger seat as perch. You never know when squirrels might run by when you’re in residential neighborhoods:


A magnificent sculpture on the side of the Police Building:


I’m thinking of starting a light fixture Flickr group — anybody care to join me?


I got an email from someone awhile back telling me that I needed to be on the lookout for these Dodge car signs with the stars on top. So for whoever you are, I hope you find this one. It’s at the Lawrence Dodge in Richmond.


I came across this at the abandoned Prince George Motel (in Prince George, VA, of course). Who knew that prickly pears grew in Virginia? Do they just need sandy soil then to be happy?


This is no ordinary shadow. No, it’s from the Muffler Man at Auto King Muffler in Newport News.


And lastly, I’ll leave you to contemplate Isabel the Sea Serpent — made entirely from driftwood. She’s way out there in Sandbridge (south of Virginia Beach) where the dogs got one last run on the beach for the year (that’s what you said two weeks ago, mom).


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