about this blog

This blog is a behind-the-scenes peek at the roadtrips that I take to gather photos for my website.  You’ll find photos here that don’t appear at the website:  things that don’t fit the categories or are not “worthy” of inclusion there.  There are also photos of my doggie companions, the snacks eaten, nature, etc.

Most of the time, I only post during these trips.  Each night, I upload about a dozen photos to Flickr.  After that, I write a blog post with another dozen or so photos.  Since these posts are written usually after midnight when I’m exhausted, you’ll have to excuse any bad grammar, incoherency, and rambling.

I hope you enjoy traveling along virtually with us on these trips.

—  Debra Jane Seltzer and sidekicks Fix, Sputnik, Gremlin & Griswold

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